Online Application Instruction for Exchange Students

(one-semester program)

College of International Education

Beijing University of Technology


l  Online applicationwww.studyatbjut.com

l  Important Dates:

Ø  2016Spring Semester: 22nd February 2016—1st July 2016

Ø  Application period: 15th September 2015—31st December 2015

Ø  University registration: 22nd February—23rd February 2016

Ø  Accommodation reservation: 20th October 2015—15th January 2016

Ø  Accommodation opens to new students: from 15th February 2016

Ø  Airport pickup service reservation:  15th September 2015—15th February 2016


l  Application procedure


1. Application submission

To complete an online application at ( and submit required documents, to make sure pay or not the application fee the program coordinator of your home institution. If you should pay the application fee, please pay it online, if you needn’t pay just wait the message from BJUT.

2. 2-4 weeks since submission

We will send the Offer of Admission, Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and other documents via registered international post or express mail when necessary to your home institution or the address filled in the application form.

3. when you receive the Offer of Admission

Applicant should apply for student visa (X1 or X2 visa) in local Chinese embassy or consulate with the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (JW202), and then just make your trip planning such as making reservation at BJUT international student dormitory, making reservation for airport-pick up service, etc. Related information will be send together with the Offer of Admission.

4. First week of school: university registration

Student should bring theOffer of Admission (original or copy) and other documents to register at the university in required period of time.




l  Online application step by step






Ø  School of Economics and Management

1.      Chinese Contemporary Business and Culture (CCBC)

Ø  College of Foreign Languages

1.      Doing Business in China

(the 10-week DBC program for HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)

2.      Project Management and Culture

(the 10-week PMC program for HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)

Ø  College of International Education

1.      Chinese Language Training Program (CLT)

2.      Engineering Program for International Students (EPIS)

3.      Internship Students (IS)

(for exchange students with internship agreement and confirmation letter from home institution)



Please choose the university or institutionwhere you are from



1.Please upload a proper name as it will be put on your BJUT student ID card

2.Please fill in the name of your home institution

3.Please choose” student”

4.  Passport no. is essential as it is required on the visa application form (JW202 form). If your passport is going to expire, please fill in the current passport number and then take your new passport with you when you go to Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa. If your passport is under applying, please tick “under applying” and fill in the passport no. when you receive your passport.

Please make sure you have filled in your PASSPORT NUMBER not personal number as applicants often mistaken these two numbers.


1.      Please choose “others”

2.      Please fill in “partner university”

3.      Please fill in name of the program coordinator of your home institution

4.      Please fill in “program coordinator”

5.      Please fill in the name of your home institution

6.      Please fill in the phone number of the program coordinator as in urgent case we might call the program coordinator

7.      Please fill in the email of the program coordinator in case that the admission package gets lost and we will send the scanned copy to the program coordinator

8.      Please fill in the correct and full mail address of the program coordinator to which the admission package will be sent


“Emergency Contact” is extremely important!!! So please fill in real and correct information in case emergency happens we can directly contact the right person. “Mobile” and “Phone Number” must include country code.


Please, again, fill in the name, phone number, address of the program coordinator of your home institution as the admission documents will be sent to your home university directly by express mail (for group) or ordinary registered international mail.


Please carefully review all the information you have completed. If everything is correct, please click “submit”.


After submitting the application, you should pay for the application fee online. Before paying the application fee, please make sure with the program coordinator in your home university whether you need to pay for it.

Please note that application will be processed only when application fee is paid.


l  Program information

For detailed information about our program, please refer to BJUT Non-Degree Program for International Students.

Ø  Chinese Language and Training (CLT): page16-19

Ø  The Contemporary Chinese Business and Culture (CCBC): page 20-27

Ø  Engineering Program for International Students(EPIS): page 28-31


l  Contacts: